Dr. Sonia George

Dr. Sonia GerogeDr Sonia George has worked in the private sector since 1987. She established Regent Anaesthetic Practice (RAP) in July 1997.

Dr George completed a postgraduate anaesthetic fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Anaesthetists in Dublin, Ireland in 1989 and is also a Member of Royal College of Anaesthetists, London.

She gained her anaesthetic experience in the renowned London hospitals: Westminster Hospital, West Middlesex University Hospital, Royal Marsden (Fulham & Sutton), Brook General Hospital and King Edward VII Hospital (Windsor).

She started providing Intravenous Conscious Sedation (IVCS) in dental practice and then expanded the technique to the gynaecological field while working as consultant anaesthetist at the Portland Hospital, London W1 (1989-2005) where she was instrumental to the success of the approved IVCS technique in the IVF unit.

During year 2007/2008, Dr George did not work due to serious illness.

In 2009 she has returned to the clinical practice where her anaesthetic technique has been invaluable in the new non-invasive/minimally invasive cosmetic surgery.

At RAP, the office manager contacts the patients prior to treatment providing information regarding sedation and requesting their medical history and consent, as this is a legal requirement prior to any treatment. Patients are also provided with pre- & post-anaesthetic instructions and are encouraged to contact the practice if they have any relevant queries.

Many dental patients have various types of dental phobias and their treating dentist may find it impossible to treat without appropriate provision of IVCS. Other indications for IVCS are a  strong gag reflex, intolerance to dental equipments in the mouth and complex dental treatment. IVCS may also complement local anaesthetics when injected into inflamed/infected dental sites.

In non-invasive cosmetic surgery, IVCS can also be of great use for optimum patients’ comfort.

Finally, Dr George is self-supported and provides her own anaesthetic/emergency drugs and equipment including Oxygen, patients’ monitoring and a defibrillator.

Dr. George is a member of the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD), Association of Dental Anaesthetists (ADA), Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland (AAGBI) and The Royal Society of Medicine (RSM).

References from: Doctors/Dentists/Surgeons available on request.

Testimonials from: Patients available on request.

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