Regent Anaesthetic Practice

Welcome to our web site

The web site of Regent Anaesthetic Practice (RAP) was launched on the 1st of August 1997. Its purpose is to give an introduction to our medical services and its benefits for the comfort of our dental patients. Since then RAP has ventured to other surgical procedures, namely Cosmetic Surgery, Gynaecological Surgery and Cosmetic Dermatology.

Regent Anaesthetic Practice serves inner  London and London SW to provide IV sedation for fearless dental treatment. The sedation treatment takes place in the comfort of your own surgery under great care by anaesthetists specialising in dental anaesthesia.

Anaesthetic treatment takes place in comfortable surgical environment specially equipped for dental surgery. Our experience stretches over 30 years in this field and has gained increased popularity amongst doctors and patients. It is ideal for dental treatment and will be effortless, as patients are relaxed, tranquil and respond to verbal commands.

As for other type of surgical procedures, sedation will perfectly compliment other surgical procedures that are controlled by local anaesthetic blockade. The anaesthetic technique is carefully balanced, leading to rapid recovery to street fitness. The patient can go home shortly after, without any unpleasant memory with minimal side effects, if any.